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The Role of Occupational Therapy within the Early Mobilization Team in the ICU

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CEUs/PDUs Offered: AOTA/0.1 Intermediate, Category 2: Occupational Therapy Process - Intervention; CE Broker/1.0 Home Study, General (FL), Patient Related (AL); NBCOT/1.25 Intermediate

Course Abstract

Occupational therapy practitioners serve a unique role within the Early Mobility program in the intensive Care Unit. In this course a brief literature review will be provided highlighting the need for early rehab intervention. A detailed overview of the specific OT assessments and interventions used for this population will be discussed including delirium, cognition, mood disorders, sensory and ADL impairments accompanied by case examples.
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This course was recorded on October 7, 2013


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Course Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the need for occupational therapy involvement in early mobilization in order to combat negative impacts of prolonged immobilization and continuous sedation in the patient with critical illness.
  • Select Occupational Therapy assessments unique to Early Mobility addressing delirium, cognition, communication, environment, sensory needs and ADL.
  • Utilize occupational therapy intervention strategies specific to patients receiving Early Mobility with focus on cognition and delirium, communication, sensory and creative ADL intervention.

Time-ordered Agenda

0-10 Minutes Literature review describing negative effects of prolonged immobility and benefits of early mobilization
10-30 Minutes OT assessments used specifically for early mobilization
30-55 Minutes OT intervention specific to early mobilization with case examples
55-60 Minutes Questions and Answers

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Review by: Rachel on June 26, 2016
Lots of new ideas to use in ICU and new mind set for ICU treatment.
Review by: Member on June 24, 2016
the specific information on the assessment tools
Review by: Sabina on May 3, 2016
excellent examples, less fluff
Review by: Mariela on April 21, 2016
The ideas for assessment and Tx
Review by: Member on April 9, 2016
pertinent to OT in the ICU
Review by: Member on March 23, 2016
Presentation of the material.
Review by: Brigitte on March 21, 2016
Clear ideas of what activities to try with EM patients
Review by: Member on March 20, 2016
Well presented and very informative.
Review by: Tara on March 16, 2016
very interesting
Review by: Judy on March 10, 2016
shared ideas of how her hospital works as a team on the early mobiblity
Review by: Member on March 1, 2016
Very good introduction to the importance of OT in the ICU!
Review by: SHARON on December 29, 2015
Refreshing info regarding EM with patients with Vents. I work in SNF and our patients really resist getting up most of the time.
Review by: Julie on November 24, 2015
Competent passionate speaker
Review by: Member on November 8, 2015
Not all of the questing items were addressed. Would increase interventions strategies.
Review by: Member on November 5, 2015
The presenter's use of case examples and review of literature
Review by: Member on October 25, 2015
Very informative.
Review by: Jennifer on October 5, 2015
good info for ICU therapist
Review by: Eric on September 27, 2015
The content material on the subject and the speakers obvious knowledge of the subject area.
Review by: Julie on September 9, 2015
Specific assessments to evaluate patients for readiness of early mobility, specific interventions used to treat common deficits of patients in ICU settings
Review by: stephani on August 24, 2015
Seldom understood OT roles in ICU
Review by: Brenda on August 9, 2015
The way it was presented; easy to follow and understand.
Review by: Laurie on August 2, 2015
The instructors knowledge and obvious compassion for the topic
Review by: Cynthia on August 1, 2015
clear presentation
Review by: Danielle on July 31, 2015
wonderful speaker, very knowledgeable
Review by: meghan on July 20, 2015
information shared
Review by: Sandra on July 20, 2015
The case studies tied together everything she was talking about. it was also very nice that she explained our real expertise in this field.
Review by: Megan on June 26, 2015
nice to see a course related to acute care
Review by: Christine on June 14, 2015
Review by: William on May 26, 2015
good case studies
Review by: Jason on May 24, 2015
Well organized. Excellent picture painted on how to best leverage OT skills in the context of an early mobility program.
Review by: Shara on May 17, 2015
The emphasis on the important role of OT.
Review by: Bianka on March 29, 2015
very informative, great examples
Review by: Jill on March 29, 2015
I liked the specificity of OT goals and the detailed information regarding assessments.
Review by: Christina on March 24, 2015
Great case study examples and succinct description of various assessments
Review by: Tara on March 20, 2015
Good organization.
Review by: Mary on March 14, 2015
The presenter is very knowledgeable in her field. I learned a great deal about what assessments to use and intervention ideas for patients in the ICU.
Review by: Brandyn on March 12, 2015
Useful information to start an early mobility ICU program in my hospital.
Review by: Tara on March 10, 2015
Presenter was thorough and very organized
Review by: Matthew on March 5, 2015
Despite not being in my current area of work it provided a general working knowledge of pts in icus
Review by: nicole on February 22, 2015
Case examples
Review by: Colleen on February 15, 2015
The hand out and speaker stayed on topic
Review by: Candace on February 12, 2015
thorough coverage
Review by: Cindy on February 4, 2015
Great case studies
Review by: Jodi on January 19, 2015
Knowledgeable expert in her field, wonderful presentation
Review by: Hollie on January 10, 2015
great explanation of OT role... helpful interventions
Review by: Felicia on January 7, 2015
very informative
Review by: Cammy on December 31, 2014
Interventions for ICU pts
Review by: Rachel on December 19, 2014
Presenter gave great examples. The ideas she had to modify environment and intervention strategies to use in the ICU were of great benefit to my practice.
Review by: Jamie on December 15, 2014
Content was clearly presented.
Review by: Diana on October 16, 2014
Very interested in implementing the CAM - ICU with my patients.
Review by: Evelyn on October 8, 2014
case studies, examples, personal insight into assessments and which ones actually are usable and functional in the ICU setting
Review by: Joni on September 29, 2014
well organized
Review by: Ashlee on September 18, 2014
Very basic level information. It would have been nice if elaboration was done on the monitoring of vitals and understanding ventilator readings.
Review by: Chester on May 30, 2014
I took this course as a video after the initial live webinar and the moderator's questions at the end were placed over the answers given by the presenter therefore making it very difficult to hear the answers given. It would be better to place the questions, then the answers.
Review by: Christine on May 25, 2014
Addressed treatment interventions and strategies for different impairments.
Review by: Meghan on April 21, 2014
The speaker was very knowledgeable.
Review by: Jennifer on March 7, 2014
Organized well with assessment suggestions
Review by: Nancy on February 24, 2014
Speaker was knowledgeable
Review by: Angie on February 20, 2014
Nice inclusion of (free and easy to administer) assessment tools, clear and organized intervention strategies
Review by: Timothy on February 1, 2014
This course provided increased insight into a specific/ specialized area of practice with tools that can generalize to other Pt populations.
Review by: Rachel on January 23, 2014
excellent speaker, knowledgable
Review by: Jennifer on January 11, 2014
Organization case examples
Review by: Maria on December 26, 2013
addressing the issue of delirium
Review by: Shawna on December 7, 2013
Presenter was very clear, did not just read her slides, and spoke slowly enough to process the info as she was talking. Intervention examples & case studies were practical
Review by: Marianne on November 26, 2013
Excellent OT-focused early mobility in the ICU course
Review by: debbie on November 24, 2013
Very relevant to my work in acute care setting and the hospital's goal towards early mob
Review by: carolyn on November 10, 2013
Her case studies were enlightening
Review by: Sarah on November 7, 2013
It gave me more confidence in working with patients in the ICU.
Review by: James on October 15, 2013
I think it was the topic as well as the presenter. I am a new grad OT and I hope to develop more innovative ideas into the profession!
Review by: teresa on October 13, 2013
good assessment tools

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Course Presenter

amanda weeks

Amanda Weeks, MOT, OTR/L

Amanda Weeks is a senior occupational therapist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). She was awarded her Master’s degree in occupational therapy by Quinnipiac University in 2009. Amanda’s specialty is working with critically ill patients and more specifically patients on mechanical ventilation participating in the early mobilization program. Having spent over 3 years primarily working in the intensive care unit she has helped to develop the current early mobility program at MSKCC. Ms.Weeks has presented on a national level on early mobilization at the 2012 American Thoracic Conference in San Francisco, the 2013 AOTA conference in San Diego, and most recently the first annual Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Rehab Symposium in Manhattan. 

Disclosure: This presenter received an honorarium for presenting this course.

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CEUs/PDUs Offered: AOTA/0.1 Intermediate, Category 2: Occupational Therapy Process - Intervention; CE Broker/1.0 Home Study, General (FL), Patient Related (AL); NBCOT/1.25 Intermediate

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