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Occupational Therapy Jobs in Boston, Massachusetts

The Occupational Therapy Jobs Outlook in Boston, MA

Did you know that the city of Boston has more doctors than almost anywhere else in the US? The city boasts more than 600 highly skilled physicians per 100,000 residents. It is no wonder that Boston is such a popular place for occupational therapy jobs! With roughly 25 in-patient hospitals in the city itself—among which are Mass General, Beth Israel, and the New England Medical Center—the job market is ripe for professionals in search of occupational therapist jobs. Better yet, the salary for Boston OT jobs is quite high, while the personal income tax is among the lowest in the nation.

Walk to Occupational Therapy Jobs in Boston

Among Boston’s many appealing features is that you don’t need a car to get back and forth from occupational therapist jobs! It’s quite a compact city in that it affords you the option of walking or biking when it’s time to work your occupational therapy jobs shift. Grab a map Maps are available at the State Street Visitor’s Center, and you are good to go. OT jobs seekers with time to kill, love taking the Freedom Trail pedestrian tour. The walking trail encompasses nearly 3 miles during which you’ll pass sixteen of the most popular Boston landmarks. Vibrant, crimson path arrows the way, so that directionally challenged occupational therapy jobs seekers won’t get lost.

It’s all About OT Jobs and Über-Cultural Events

Boston not only offers countless occupational therapist jobs, but the city is also home to some of the foremost museums in the nation. Further, Boston also has a superlative symphony, phenomenal theaters, and a leading dance company. The world-renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra holds its ever-popular performances at the city’s Symphony Hall. Other orchestras include both the Boston and New England Conservatory Symphony Orchestras, and the Boston Philharmonic. The Handel and Hayden Society schedule chamber music concerts, while the Boston Musica Viva provides the finest in contemporary music for those who have time off from their occupational therapy jobs.

Occupational Therapy Jobs Seekers Won’t Go Hungry!

Boston has nearly 2,200 restaurants that serve hungry occupational therapist jobs hunters, more than just beans! This eclectic gourmand’s paradise offers delectable fresh seafood dishes such as lobster, clams, blue fish and oysters, scrumptious American cuisine and a vast array of ethnic fare. Known as “Beantown”—a term originating from observant Puritans who refrained from cooking on the Sabbath—they relied on a staple of baked beans, instead. Those relocating for occupational therapist jobs can look forward to dining on traditional clam and corn chowder, good ol’ baked beans, and Native American Indian pudding while OT jobs hunting in Boston.

Festivals, Fun and Food!

For occupational therapy jobs seekers and their families, the Chinatown Main Street Festival is a must-see. This popular and engaging Boston festival features martial arts presentations, live music, Asian lion dances, children’s games and activities, and an abundance of Asian delicacies for those employed in occupational therapist jobs to sample. Chinatown Main Street is a 501c3 non-profit agency that aids in this Boston area’s rejuvenation and expansion. This event is free of charge to residents and healthcare professionals in search of OT jobs, alike. Expect even more exhibitors and vendors, larger crowds as this annual event continues to gain popularity.

Cruising with Whales

For occupational therapy jobs seekers who are ready to get away from it all, this is the place for you! The National Marine Sanctuary is located about 30 miles from Boston and provides a safe marina where whales can feed in peace. Among the species of whales are humpback and small baleen whales, as well as Atlantic white-sided dolphins, lobster and yellowfin tuna. The watercrafts provide various observation decks and those seeking occupational therapist jobs can munch on snacks and sip on favorite beverages. If you don’t get to see at least one whale, you will be offered another ticket for another day.

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