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Exam Preview

Professionalism In Occupational Therapy: Meeting The Standards That Matter

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1.  Which of these is TRUE of a code of ethics?
  1. It is up to your employer to keep you updated to any changes to your Code of Ethics
  2. One only needs to follow them if they are a member of their professional association (e.g., AOTA)
  3. They are intended to act as a guide for behavior in professional situations
  4. They provide an absolute guide to behavior or decision making in any given circumstance
2.  Which of these could result in disciplinary action from one’s state licensing board?
  1. Failing to maintain adequate records
  2. Failing to provide adequate supervision
  3. Practicing outside the scope of one’s practice or using interventions for which one is not certified or trained
  4. All of the above
3.  Which of these is NOT a step in the exchange of information?
  1. Verify
  2. Transmit
  3. Talking
  4. Obtain
4.  Which of these does NOT demonstrate respect for the patient/client?
  1. Recognizing that clients may have different backgrounds or opinions than you
  2. Incorporating person-centered occupations and goals into the treatment plan
  3. Checking your cell phone during a treatment session
  4. Using good manners; being courteous
5.  Professional behavior includes which of the following traits:
  1. Arriving to work on time
  2. Following the facility and company dress code policy
  3. Using professional language and grammar
  4. All of the above

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