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Forging Researcher-Clinician Alliances to Advance Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Research

Course: #3001Level: Introductory1.5 Hour 13 Reviews

There is a need for occupational therapists to contribute their distinct value when engaged in interdisciplinary research. In this session, we will 1) introduce the Forging Alliances in Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Research (FAIRR) model; 2) share vignettes that illustrate implementation of the FAIRR model when embarking on a research career, and 3) identify ways to apply the FAIRR model for advancing one’s research career.

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Learning Outcomes

  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to Identify potential roles of occupational therapy practitioners and various levels of involvement for occupational therapy researchers in interdisciplinary research.
  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to describe examples of supports and barriers occupational therapists have experienced when trying to embark on an interdisciplinary research career.
  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to Identify specific strategies that occupational therapy practitioners, researchers, and research clinicians have used to leverage supports and minimize barriers associated with interdisciplinary research career.


0-5 Minutes Introduction
5-15 Minutes Background and significance of topic
15-25 Minutes Introduce FAIRR logic model
25-35 Minutes Q&A - clarification
35-50 Minutes Case example 1 of FAIRR logic model
50-65 Minutes Case example 2 of FAIRR logic model
65-80 Minutes Case example 3 of FAIRR logic model
80-90 Minutes Q&A additional examples from audience


13 Reviews
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