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Exam Preview

Sensory Integration and Processing 101

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1.  Sensations within the body like body temperature, thirst, or hunger are termed what?
  1. Body Awareness
  2. Touch
  3. Interoception
  4. Taste
2.  Which of the following is part of exteroception?
  1. Cutaneous system
  2. Bodily motion
  3. Visceral afferents
  4. Proximal senses
3.  According to the Star Institute's Model for Sensory Processing Disorder, the three main areas are Sensory Modulation Disorder, Sensory-Based Motor Disorder, and ...
  1. Sensory Craving
  2. Planning and Sequencing
  3. Dyspraxia
  4. Sensory Discrimination Disorder
4.  Which of the following are hypothetical examples of Sensory Craving (SC)?
  1. Constantly wants control over every situation, does not wait for turn, interrupts constantly
  2. Angry or even explosive when requires to sit still or stop what he is doing
  3. Intense, demanding, hard to calm
  4. All of the above
5.  For SPD Subtype: Sensory Discrimination Disorder (SDD), which can impact any of our sensory systems, what is "discrimination" defined as?
  1. The ability to process the spatial aspects, temporal aspects, and amplitude of a sensation
  2. The concept or idea or what you want to do
  3. The bridge between ideation and execution
  4. Precision, accuracy, and efficiency of movements

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