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Sensory Processing For Early Education

TPICU Rehabilitation Trends

This course covers trends you can use immediately. You’ll receive a comprehensive overview of current trends in PICU Acute Care Rehab will be reviewed in this course with real-time application for current modifications to practice.

Sensory Processing For Early Education

Thinking About Thinking

This course highlights how OT and SLP professionals can collaborate to improve patients’ cognitive skills across the continuum of care.

Sensory Processing For Early Education

Aging in Place

This four-hour course addresses information and interventions to help interprofessional teams promote successful aging in geriatric clients.

Sensory Processing For Early Education

Lewy Body Dementia

The complex symptomatology of Lewy body dementias (Parkinson’s disease dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies) along with evaluation and intervention approaches for PTs, OTs, and SLPs are examined…

Sensory Processing For Early Education

Motor Planning

This four-hour course describes the components of motor planning and the areas of impact. Assessment, strategies for supporting clients with motor planning challenges, and tips for discussing…

Sensory Processing For Early Education

An Interprofessional Approach for Parkinson's

There is growing evidence that supports the benefit of providing care through an interprofessional approach for individuals with complex diagnoses like Parkinson’s disease (PD). This Master Class reviews…

Sensory Processing For Early Education

AAC: Sensory Processing For Early Education

Sensory processing including definitions, observable behaviors, and strategies for school and home for proprioception, vestibular, tactile, auditory, taste, and smell will be reviewed in this 5-module course. Teacher…

OT and SLP Collaboration for the School-Aged Child

OT and SLP Collaboration - Children

The purpose of this course is to provide strategies to occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists on how to best collaborate...

occupational therapist applying x-shaped kinesiology sports tape to a client’s left shoulder

Taping for Shoulder Conditions

Build skills you can use immediately to decrease pain and improve function with the use of taping for shoulder conditions. Building on your experience evaluating...

Person in wheelchair with traumatic brain injury enjoying coffee at home

Traumatic Brain Injury

Expand your knowledge of traumatic brain injury assessment and intervention strategies with this comprehensive four-module course, which includes case study application and video analysis.

occupational therapist and pediatric client with autism spectrum disorder work on fine motor skills playing catch

Impact of Motor Learning For The Child With ASD

Deepen your understanding of the importance of motor learning for children with ASD, who face challenges as they form the motor programs that serve as the basis for daily life and play...

caregiver feeding happy young infant at the table with a spoon

Responsive Feeding: Together At The Table

Build your knowledge of responsive feeding with this four-hour master class, which focuses on responsive feeding in the context of child development, common feeding struggles...

caregiver feeding happy young infant at the table with a spoon

Infants: Development + Interventions

Early development for the precrawling infant is greatly influenced by a variety of factors. Early intervention and identification of abnormal behaviors can be crucial within these progressive stages. ...

Evaluation and Intervention in Neurorehabilitation

Cognitive Evaluation and Intervention in Neurorehabilitation

This course covers interprofessional perspectives related to cognitive strategy evaluation and intervention for individuals with acquired neurogenic disorders...

Evaluation and Intervention in Neurorehabilitation

School-Based Teletherapy

An overview of school-based telehealth, including terminology and pros/cons, through the individual lens of speech-language pathology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, as well as through a collaborative, multidisciplinary team lens...

Evaluation and Intervention in Neurorehabilitation

AAC: Early Intervention and Transition

This three-hour course addresses the complex needs of children with multiple disabilities in the early intervention setting, including successful transition to school. A multi-disciplinary approach to augmentative-alternative ...

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