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Exam Preview

Spinal Cord Injury: Splinting

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1.  What is an orthosis with no moving parts called?
  1. Dynamic
  2. Static
  3. Pre-fabricated
  4. Custom
2.  What is the most common position the wrist is placed in for a resting hand splint?
  1. 30 degrees extension
  2. 30 degrees flexion
  3. 10 degrees extension
  4. 10 degrees flexion
3.  What is an indication for using a wrist splint with a client with an SCI?
  1. Stabilize wrist
  2. Weak or absent wrist extension
  3. Support tabletop ADLs
  4. All of the above
4.  What is the main goal of a short opponens splint?
  1. Thumb circumduction
  2. Thumb extension
  3. Thumb flexion
  4. Thumb stability
5.  What is a good method for splint education?
  1. Quiz
  2. Teach back
  3. Teach nursing only
  4. Signs

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