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Exam Preview

Educating Future Occupational Therapists Podcast

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1.  What is the current status of shadowing or observation hours for OT students?
  1. Pandemic has made it harder to get observation hours
  2. Clinics have shut down to outside visitors
  3. Many programs have put these requirements on hold
  4. All of the above
2.  What is a TRUE statement about a Level I fieldwork experience?
  1. It is a shoulder-to-shoulder experience where the student sees what they have learned in the classroom in the clinic.
  2. They are usually 100+ hours in length.
  3. Level I fieldwork is only for the OT.
  4. Level 1 and Level II are the same experience.
3.  A simulation lab can be an ideal Level I experience because...
  1. The environment is not safe.
  2. The clients and environment can be controlled.
  3. There are uncontrolled variables.
  4. They are harder to set up than Level I experiences in the community.
4.  What are the requirements for a Level II fieldwork for an OTR?
  1. 24 weeks
  2. 18 weeks
  3. 16 weeks
  4. 14 weeks
5.  How can OT practitioners in the community help with fieldwork?
  1. Be a guest speaker
  2. Help with labs
  3. Sit on the advisory board
  4. All of the above

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