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Exam Preview

Wheelchair Seating: Focus On Specific Populations

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1.  What is an important consideration with pediatric seating?
  1. Growth
  2. Tone management
  3. Mobility base
  4. All of the above
2.  Which of the following is NOT a seating consideration for the geriatric population?
  1. Funding limited by Medicare
  2. Postural changes caused by growth
  3. Often co-morbidities
  4. Fragile skin
3.  What is a risk factor for pressure injuries?
  1. Nutrition
  2. Fragile skin
  3. Incontinence
  4. All of the above
4.  Which statement is NOT TRUE regarding bariatric seating?
  1. Goals are typically not postural support and stability.
  2. Wheelchair frames do not need to accommodate larger widths.
  3. It is difficult to control the position of the body when excessive tissue is present.
  4. Goals are pressure and comfort related.
5.  The most important reason to use flexible seating options with a client who has a degenerative disease is that:
  1. They have non-reducible asymmetries.
  2. They are changing.
  3. They have cognitive changes.
  4. They are indecisive.

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