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Exam Preview

Making Your Practice Strengths-based Podcast

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1.  What is the definition of ableism?
  1. A preference for non-disabled individuals
  2. A preference for disabled individuals
  3. A group of disability advocates
  4. Independent functioning
2.  According to a study, what percentage of healthcare workers prefer to work with individuals without a disability?
  1. 48%
  2. 56%
  3. 72%
  4. 84%
3.  What is the dominant occupational therapy paradigm supported by our education and ACOTE standards?
  1. Social model
  2. Medical model
  3. Holistic model
  4. None of the above
4.  What is one important way mentioned that professionals can reflect on their biases?
  1. Learn from disability advocates
  2. Read
  3. Journal
  4. Talk to other professionals
5.  What is the PATH program?
  1. NYC Department of Education (DOE) Specialized Program
  2. Designed to create new “paths to success” for students who would benefit from emotional and behavioral support
  3. Based on ASD Nest, an inclusive model where certain students on the autism spectrum learn alongside their typically developing peers
  4. All of the above

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