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Exam Preview

Cognitive Interventions In The Home: A Practical Approach For OT Professionals

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1.  Functional cognition should ONLY be evaluated...
  1. Using paper and pencil tasks
  2. In the hospital with variables removed
  3. During actual task performance and in the home if possible
  4. Using computer simulations
2.  Which assessment can be used in the home?
  1. The Brief Interview for Mental Health Status
  2. Performance Assessment of Self-Care Skills
  3. Executive Function Performance Test
  4. All of the above
3.  Which is NOT a home strategy used for a client with decreased cognition?
  1. Using visual cues
  2. Reducing clutter
  3. Providing caregiver education
  4. Employing hard challenges to test their resilience
4.  What does COAST mean?
  1. Client-based, Occupation, Assist level, Specific, and Time bound
  2. Constant, Observing, Assessing, Screening, and Testing
  3. Core Observation of Assessment Strategies and Tests
  4. None of the above
5.  What is part of the definition of dementia?
  1. Significant cognitive decline in one or more cognitive domains
  2. Cognitive impairment interferes with ADL
  3. Cognitive decline is not better explained by other medical or psychiatric conditions
  4. All of the above

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