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Exam Preview

Proprioceptive Rehab: 30 Practical Ideas And Interventions For The Neuro Patient

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1.  According to the presentation, which category of proprioceptive interventions is the most beneficial?
  1. Active movement and balance training
  2. Passive Movement Training
  3. Somatosensory Stimulation Training
  4. Somatosensory Discrimination Training
2.  A stroke survivor cannot balance safely to perform a car transfer or a tub transfer. Which of the following would be the MOST directly applicable technique to address this deficit?
  1. Passive Movement Training
  2. Vibration Therapy
  3. Stance and Steppage Training
  4. Mirror Therapy
3.  Which proprioceptive training technique requires the patient to visualize the specifics of a physical task before acting out that task?
  1. Mirror Therapy
  2. Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy
  3. Motor Imagery
  4. Passive Movement Training
4.  Which proprioceptive training technique uses movements of the stronger body part to "trick the brain" into believing that movement is coming from the paretic or impaired side?
  1. Bodyweight-Supported Treadmill Training
  2. Aquatic Therapy
  3. Mirror Therapy
  4. Functional Electrical Stimulation
5.  Which proprioceptive training technique permits the patient to "engage in environments that appear to be and feel similar to real world objects and events"?
  1. Wearable Robotics
  2. Mirror Therapy
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Bodyweight-Supported Treadmill Training

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