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Exam Preview

Men In Occupational Therapy Podcast

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1.  What were the male-specific occupational therapy professional organizations discussed?
  1. Men in OT and NBOTC
  2. BROTHAS and BrOT
  3. MDI networks and COTAD
  4. TODOS and AAPI-OT
2.  What were some advantages of promoting occupational therapy to attract male talent to the occupational therapy profession?
  1. Greater reach to communities & and individuals we serve, diverse viewpoints, increased opportunities & and an increased sense of belonging
  2. Increased male statistics, increased leadership numbers, more specialized workforce
  3. More change, increased resource generation, and loss of diversity
  4. Increased male statistics, greater ability to perform transfers, and increased leadership numbers
3.  Male occupational therapy practitioners (OT & OTA) are approximately what percentage of the overall occupational therapy field according to the 2023 AOTA workforce & and compensation survey?
  1. 3.2%
  2. 5.6%
  3. 7.8%
  4. 10.1%
4.  What is the approximate percentage of black male OTs and OTAs in the occupational therapy profession according to the AOTA 2023 workforce data survey?
  1. 5%
  2. 10%
  3. 15%
  4. Less than 1%
5.  All of the following strategies can help to address male occupational therapy recruitment EXCEPT:
  1. Resource allocation
  2. Marketing
  3. Pathway programs
  4. Legacy admissions

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