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Exam Preview

Aging Caregivers: What To Know And How To Best Provide Support

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1.  What is a compound caregiver?
  1. A caregiver with co-morbidities
  2. An existing caregiver of an adult with a developmental disability assuming care of an additional care recipient
  3. A caregiver who is still working
  4. None of the above
2.  What is a reward of caregiving?
  1. Pride in care recipient’s progress and growth
  2. Feelings of personal competence
  3. Deeper connections with others
  4. All of the above
3.  Which of the following is NOT a sign of a stressor in aging family caregivers?
  1. Hard time concentrating
  2. Vibrant social life
  3. Tired and feeling run down
  4. Hard time sleeping
4.  What is a way to support family caregivers?
  1. Providing education
  2. Supporting building and maintaining positive relationships
  3. Accessing resources
  4. All of the above
5.  Which is NOT a characteristic of a positive coping strategy?
  1. Solution-focused
  2. Complex
  3. Easy
  4. Realistic

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