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Exam Preview

Early Co-Regulation In The Infant And Parent Dyad

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1.  Self-regulation...
  1. Serves as the foundation for lifelong functioning
  2. Is the act of managing cognition and emotion
  3. Develops over an extended period (birth through young adulthood)
  4. All of the above
2.  What is co-regulation?
  1. One's self management of emotions
  2. An interactive process of regulatory support that can occur within the context of caring relationships
  3. Typically occurs in neglectful relationships
  4. None of the above
3.  How can you teach and coach self-regulation?
  1. Modeling
  2. Opportunities for practice
  3. Reinforcement of successful use
  4. All of the above
4.  Which of the following is TRUE about the cycles of regulation?
  1. Infants are born well regulated.
  2. Once a child achieves self-regulation, they never go back to co-regulation.
  3. As self-regulation grows, co-regulation diminishes.
  4. Co-regulation stops once a child is about school age.
5.  What is the key to assessing co-regulation?
  1. Observation of infant behavior
  2. Assessing the regulation styles of both the child and the caregiver
  3. Extensive psychological history and ACEs
  4. Reflex integration testing

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