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Sexuality in Long-Term Care: Open Your Mind (And Close the Door, Please)

Course: #3343Level: Intermediate2 Hours 2218 Reviews

What is sexuality and why is it so seldom spoken of when talking about older adults, particularly those in long-term care? Sexuality and intimacy are essential elements of one’s personality. Thus, it is important that residents, staff, and therapists in LTC have skills to effectively and compassionately address sexuality including misconceptions, personal and cultural views or biases, and barriers. This course explores the perceptions and perspectives of residents, staff, caregivers, and family members related to sexuality and intimacy. The course provides opportunities for people who have not given this topic much thought to consider their views, identify barriers, consider consent, and facilitate solutions and strategies when sexual expression becomes problematic. The specific role of occupational therapy related to intimacy with various diagnoses including diabetes, CVA, cancer, and arthritis is reviewed.

Course created on June 8, 2017

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CEUs/Hours Offered: AOTA/0.2 Intermediate, Category 1: Domain Of OT - Client Factors; CE Broker/2.0 Home Study, General (FL), Patient Related (AL), General Continuing Education (GA), Direct Client/patient Services In Occupational Therapy (SC), CE Broker #20-610276; IACET/0.2; NBCOT PDUs/2.5 Intermediate, Geriatrics

Learning Outcomes

  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to recognize prevailing perceptions about sexuality and older adults as well as the capacity of elders with dementia to consent to sexual activity.
  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to describe the challenges faced by long-term care providers in facilitating safe sexual expression among residents and for managing inappropriate sexual expression.
  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to list ways to preserve residents rights to intimacy and sexuality while complying with regulatory requirements.
  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to identify the role of occupational therapy as it relates to sexuality and intimacy in long-term care.


0-5 Minutes Introduction
5-15 Minutes Myths vs. Fact; Staff Attitudes about Resident Sexuality; Federal Regulation and State Survey Guidelines
15-25 Minutes Family Influences on Resident Sexuality
25-45 Minutes Dementia; Inappropriate Behaviors
45-50 Minutes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Residents
50-55 Minutes Environment
55-75 Minutes Health and Sexuality; Arthritis and Sexuality
75-95 Minutes Cancer and Sexuality; Diabetes and Sexuality
95-105 Minutes Cardiovascular Disease and Sexuality; TBI and Sexuality
105-110 Minutes Stroke and Sexuality
110-120 Minutes Summary; Q and A


2218 Reviews

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