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Our Top Picks (and Yours!) for OT Blogs + Podcasts

Our Top Picks (and Yours!) for OT Blogs + Podcasts
Written by the Continued staff
August 23, 2022

In the broad and fast-paced field of occupational therapy, it’s critical to be aware of the latest trends and to stay current on the basics and best practices. Blogs and podcasts can be great resources as you seek to gain new ideas, pull yourself out of a rut, or freshen up your practice. The team at OccupationalTherapy.com asked our members to share their favorite blogs and podcasts. We rounded up a few of their picks and added some of our own based on content, insight, and valuable knowledge-sharing. 

The OT Toolbox

Colleen Beck, OTR/L, offers resources for therapists, educators, and parents to support the healthy development of kids. Based on function and occupation-centered activities, the tools shared on this site promote the underlying skills needed for action and performance in children. Click here.

Seniors Flourish

Mandy Chamberlain, MOTR/L, has a passion for working with the older adult population. She founded Seniors Flourish out of a desire to help older adults live life to the fullest. Her blog provides fellow therapists with recommendations, resources, and education specific to the senior population. Click here.

The Non-Clinical PT

The Non-Clinical PT was created by Meredith Castin, PT, DPT, and is a resource for PTs, OTs, SLPs, and assistants seeking healthcare careers beyond direct patient care. As a physical therapist herself, Castin aims to discover and create non-clinical opportunities and to provide the tools and resources to help therapists succeed in such roles. Click here.

OT Mom Learning Activities

“OT Mom" Tracey le Roux practiced occupational therapy before transitioning out of the field to homeschool her three children. The blog shares her perspectives as a mom with a passion for special learning needs and includes simple, achievable activities that use inexpensive, everyday materials. Click here.

Spill the OT 

Spill the OT was created by an anonymous OT podcaster who seeks to create a judgment-free zone to “spill the tea” on everyday issues in OT, PT, and SLP. The podcast features real therapists and covers topics ranging from salary, medicare, student loans, the ups and downs of the professions, and more. Click here.

The Inspired Treehouse

The Inspired Treehouse, created by occupational therapist Claire Heffron and physical therapist Lauren Drobnjak, offers interdisciplinary information from both professions. They provide information, tips, activities, and strategies to help conquer common developmental roadblocks in children. Click here.

The OT Butterfly 

The OT Butterfly blog, created by pediatric OT Laura Petix, MS, OTR/L, provides educational resources about development, insights on sensory processing, and simple activities for parents to do at home with neurodivergent children. She also offers no- and low-prep OT resources for teachers and therapists. Click here.

Bob and Brad

Physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck combined their expertise and humor to create the educational YouTube channel Bob & Brad. They offer information on staying healthy and pain free to more than 4 million subscribers. Click here.

Adam the OT

Pediatric occupational therapist Adam Griffin posts weekly YouTube videos with fun games, activities, and advice to help support children with motor skills, attention, and overall learning and development. The simplicity and effectiveness of these games makes them ideal for school, home learning or teletherapy/telehealth sessions. Click here.

Bright Minds Busy Bodies 

This YouTube channel was created by Amy M. Schlessman, PT, DPT, DHS, who specializes in simple, fun strategies to embed physical activity into academic concepts. Schlessman offers DIY, low-cost movement and learning strategies for school and at home. She also offers courses on OccuptionalTherapy.com. Click here.

AOTA Podcast

The American Occupational Therapy Association’s podcast channel covers everything OT. This frequently updated podcast offers current, evidence-based content and is a valuable resource for students and practitioners. Click here.

Continued Learning Occupational Therapy Podcast 

We would be remiss not to include our own podcast on our list of favorites, as we are quite proud of the valuable content it provides! The Continued Learning Occupational Therapy podcast with host Dennis Cleary, MS, OTD, OTR/L, brings you interviews on clinical and professional issues facing OTs and OTAs today. Learn from candid conversations with leading experts in the field and earn CEUs when you join OccupationalTherapy.com. Available on Spotify, Apple, and Google podcasts.

Written by the Continued staff

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