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Exam Preview

Creating Connections to Better Understand Challenging Behavior in Children

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1.  Which (or all) are potential preventative strategies and accommodations for reducing behavior?
  1. Visual schedule (Session schedule)
  2. Positive reinforcement/rewards system
  3. Task list
  4. All the above
2.  Which below is NOT an effective strategy for teaching children adaptive alternatives to difficult behavior?
  1. When giving instructions use "Are you ready to?, Can/Will you do this?
  2. Gaining instructional control - Pair the reinforcement with the desired behavior/directions followed
  3. Functional communication-Teaching asking for help or for a break
  4. Functional communication-Re-direct the challenging behavior
3.  All of the below are strategies that help create strong relationships with children EXCEPT which below?
  1. Asking about hobbies or interests
  2. Providing 5:1 positive to corrective feedback
  3. Disciplining the child
  4. Using the 2x10 strategy
4.  Which term below refers to helping a child get something correct, versus waiting until they fail?
  1. Prompt fading
  2. Positive reinforcement
  3. Errorless teaching
  4. Error correction
5.  What statement(s) below is(are) true about co-regulation?
  1. Capacity to regulate is developed over time
  2. Early childhood and early adolescence times are critical
  3. Recent research emphases significance of relationships with co-regulation
  4. All of the above are true

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