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Cognition and Executive Function Ask the Experts

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Functional Cognitive Intervention: Grading Tasks to Maximize Outcomes

Angela Reimer, OTD, MOT, OTR, CBIST

July 8, 2019

Why do we care about assessing cognition as OTs? Isn't that a speech-language pathologist's job?   Read More


Dementia Management: Evidence-Based Interventions to Reduce Unwanted Behaviors

Kathleen Weissberg, OTD, OTR/L

December 1, 2017

How do you put signage up to convey a message like do not enter or out of order, and still have visitors know that they can use the elevator?Does the state have any regulations regarding the use of si...   Read More

Abilities Based Approaches to Assessment and Treatment of Persons with Dementia

Renee Kinder, MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT

September 1, 2017

1. What is your favorite teaching method that you use? 2. What have you found that works well in transitioning task steps to staff?3. As far as the spaced retrieval, have you used it in skilled nursin...   Read More


Do You Use a Cognitive and/or Vision Screen Prior to Trying Power Wheelchairs?

Michelle Lange, OTR, ABDA, ATP/SMS

February 12, 2015

Do you use a cognitive and/or vision screen prior to trying power wheelchairs?   Read More


What is spaced-retrieval and how often should you see a client for spaced-retrieval training?

Megan L. Malone, MA, CCC-SLP

August 4, 2014

What is spaced-retrieval? How often should you see a client for spaced-retrieval training?   Read More


Is there a difference between dementia and Alzheimer's disease?

Megan L. Malone, M.A., CCC-SLP

July 21, 2014

Are dementia and Alzheimer's disease the same thing?   Read More


Cognitive Strategy Training vs. Task-Specific Training

Timothy Wolf, OTD, MSCI, OTR/L

July 14, 2014

How does cognitive strategy training differ from task-specific training for individuals recovering from a stroke?   Read More


Behavioral activation as an intervention strategy with elderly clients with depression

Cathy Lysack, Ph.D., OT(C)

June 30, 2014

What is Behavioral Activation and how can I incorporate it into my OT intervention to help my elderly clients with depression?   Read More


Goals of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) model

Timothy Wolf, OTD, MSCI, OTR/L

June 16, 2014

What are the primary goals associated with the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) model?   Read More


Supervised Wheelchair Mobility in Pediatric Clients

Michelle Lange, OTR, ABDA, ATP/SMS

February 19, 2014

How do payors view supervised wheelchair mobility in young clients? Will they pay for a power wheelchair?   Read More


Types of EADL Units for Clients with Cognitive Impairments

Kim Furphy, D.HSc., OT, ATP

September 6, 2013

With clients with cognitive limitations, what Environmental Activities of Daily Living (or Environmental Control) Units would you suggest?   Read More


Cognitively Appropriate Activities in Long Term Care

Shelly Mesure, M.S., OTR/L

May 20, 2013

Can you give an example of a cognitively appropriate activity in a LTC facility?   Read More


Strengths and Limitations of Performance-Based Assessments

Timothy Wolf, OTD, MSCI, OTR/L

May 16, 2013

What are the strengths and limitations of Performance-Based Assessments?   Read More

Importance of Staff Coordination and Documentation with the Spaced Retrieval Technique for Memory Loss

Megan L. Malone, MA, CCC-SLP

May 13, 2013

How important is it with the spaced retrieval technique to interact with the staff and make sure that you are not only telling them your goals and coordinating with them, but documenting that as well...   Read More


Second Impact Syndrome in TBI

Victoria Harding, M.S., M.B.A., CCC-SLP

May 1, 2013

What is "second impact syndrome" in TBI?   Read More


Adaptation or Maintenance Level of Care with Patients with Dementia

Kathleen Weissberg, OTD, OTR/L

April 22, 2013

What is adaptation/maintenance level of care for patients with dementia?   Read More


Normalization Principle in Memory Training

George Fluharty, M.A., CCC-SLP

April 17, 2013

What is the normalization principle in memory training?   Read More

Hallmark Feature of Cognitive Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease

Erin Foster, OTD, MSCI, OTR/L

April 4, 2013

What is the hallmark feature of cognitive dysfunction in clients with Parkinson's Disease without dementia?   Read More


Use of Environmental Social Cues with Individuals with Alzheimer's

Gina Taylor, MS, OTR/L, HPCS

March 20, 2013

Can you review what environmental social cues are?   Read More


Dealing with Patients with Dementia Refusing Treatment

Kathleen Weissberg, OTD, OTR/L

March 13, 2013

Sometimes we have to meet the minutes, yet a patient strongly refuses. How do I advocate to the supervisor to not treat?   Read More


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