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Articles for OT CEUs

Seating Interventions

Michelle Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

October 13, 2015

In today's webinar we are going to be concentrating on three different things. We are going to quickly go through some information about pressure. Pressure is a big deal when it comes to wheelchair se...   Read More


Advocating for Ethical Care in the SNF Setting

Rachel Wynn, MS, CCC-SLP

October 13, 2015

Before we dive into those solutions, let us make sure we are on the same page in terms of what ethical dilemmas are. How many of you face ethical dilemmas every day that greatly impact the quality of...   Read More


Upper Limb Prosthetic Rehabilitation for OTs: Management and Resources

Debra Latour, OTD, M.Ed. Advanced Practice of Occupational Therapy, OTR/L

October 2, 2015

This is the fourth and final in the series that is based upon an understanding on the types of limb deficiency and loss, the diverse technologies available, the approaches to evaluation which we learn...   Read More


Upper Limb Prosthetic Rehabilitation for Occupational Therapists: Evaluation

Debra Latour, OTD, M.Ed. Advanced Practice of Occupational Therapy, OTR/L

October 1, 2015

When you see a client hopefully they have already seen a prosthetist. If not, you are going to be instrumental in helping them to find one. That being said, your recommendations based on what you find...   Read More


Upper Limb Prosthetic Rehabilitation for Occupational Therapists: Understanding Technology

Debra Latour, OTD, M.Ed. Advanced Practice of Occupational Therapy, OTR/L

September 30, 2015

Occupational therapy is a critical component of upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation. The problem, as I shared last week, is that occupational therapists may rarely see an individual with amputation....   Read More


Upper Limb Prosthetic Rehabilitation for Occupational Therapists: An Introduction

Debra Latour, OTD, M.Ed. Advanced Practice of Occupational Therapy, OTR/L

September 29, 2015

What does prosthetic rehabilitation involve? It goes beyond the basics of preparing the residual limb and the actual prosthetic training of opening and closing a terminal device. It also includes aspe...   Read More


Strategies for Teaching Social Skills

Tara Warwick, MS, OTR/L

September 18, 2015

Today we are going to talk about social skills and strategies for teaching social skills. I will go through some steps and tools. Until we are forced to break social skills down for children who do no...   Read More


Overview of Computer and Tablet Access

Michelle Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

September 11, 2015

Today we will be covering computer and tablet access for clients who are unable to use standard access methods, like a standard keyboard and mouse. Traditionally on tablets, we use a finger on the dis...   Read More


Durable Medical Equipment

Michelle Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

August 24, 2015

Clinicians play a key part in the evaluation team whenever DME is being selected. DME equipment is used to complete activities of daily living, and each of our clients has very specific requirements t...   Read More


Power Mobility

Michelle Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

August 10, 2015

In this course, we are going to focus on power mobility. Generally, we look at power when other mobility categories do not meet a client’s mobility needs.   Read More


Manual Mobility for Self-Propulsion

Michelle Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

July 29, 2015

A manual wheelchair is designed to provide either dependent or independent mobility to a client, as well as to support the seating system itself. A wheelchair can provide mobility, but it is very impo...   Read More


Post Intensive Care Syndrome

Cheryl Esbrook, OTR/L, BCPR, Marla R. Robinson, MSc, OTR/L, BCPR, BT-C, FAOTA

July 24, 2015

What came out of this task force was the term Post Intensive Care Syndrome. This is a constellation of disorders that affect ICU survivors, and these include such things as ICU-acquired weakness, ment...   Read More

Dependent Mobility

Michelle Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

July 10, 2015

Dependent mobility are mobility bases that are not designed for the client to self-propel the base. The client is dependent for their mobility on a caregiver who is propelling the base instead. Specif...   Read More


Examining Our Attitudes toward Clinical Supervision

Jennifer Kerr, MS, CCC-SLP

July 9, 2015

We are going to talk about our attitudes toward clinical supervision. This is not a lecture necessarily on how to be a great supervisor or how to help your students or supervisees improve their skills...   Read More

Augmented Mobility

Michelle Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

June 26, 2015

Augmented mobility is categorized into three main subcategories: walking aids, which includes canes and crutches, walkers, and gait trainers. All of these either "augment" or assist someone's ambulati...   Read More

Recycle Bin Boogie

Amy M Schlessman, PT, DPT, DHS

June 23, 2015

There is a call to action to engage out youth. There is an urgent action to engage young children as agents of change for the environment; having them take place in helping their environment, not just...   Read More

Gardening for Life: Occupational Therapy Interventions for Gardeners

Cindy Quinnelly, MS, OTR/L

June 16, 2015

It is important to know exactly what the definition of gardening is. Gardening is the activity of tending and cultivating plants. It can be anything from a vegetable garden to a perennial garden, or c...   Read More

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy in Criminal Justice

John White, PhD, OTR/L

June 10, 2015

We will try to differentiate between the correctional practice settings and the levels of criminal justice incarceration, particularly with a look at how one enters into the criminal justice system an...   Read More

Functional Electrical Stimulation in Neurorehabilitation

Jill Seale, PT, PhD, NCS

May 28, 2015

What is functional electrical stimulation? Everyone probably knows this already as you learn this in your basic undergraduate curriculum. It is the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation, but spe...   Read More

Personal Assistance Services: Occupational Therapy's Role and Responsibility to Support Self-directed Living

Rita Fleming-Castaldy, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

May 20, 2015

For today, my focus will be to help you identify the conceptual foundations of self-directed personal assistance services and their congruence with occupational therapy’s commitment to participation...   Read More

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